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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Are You Here?

The answer is simple: You love blogs and you want to read everything about them. That's why I am writing this "carnival," and that's why you are reading it.

So who am I? My name is Danny Glover -- the Washington-based journalist/blogger, not the actor. Most people crack jokes about the name, but I've been surprised at how many surfers on the Internet actually assume I am the actor. So I feel compelled to state right up front that I am not him. I'm this guy. Some people have said I look like this actor, but I don't see a resemblance.

Enough about me. What about this Carnival Of Blog Coverage?

Well, the idea came from my friend and fellow blogger, Mark Tapscott of the Heritage Foundation. After I added a portal to blog stories at Beltway Blogroll, the blog about blogs that I write for, Mark suggested that I start a carnival of blog stories. He pitched the idea to me in an e-mail very early this morning, while I was snoozing away. I liked the idea so much that I decided to build the blog immediately.

That's one of the things I love about the blogosphere: You have an idea for a blog, and you just build it. It's that easy. That's why there are now 27.2 million blogs and why the size of the blogosphere is doubling about every 5.5 months, according to Technorati founder David Sifry.

So what will I be doing at this blog? Simple. I will periodically post carnival entries on the latest blog stories. Most of the time, I'll probably just link to the stories; other times, I'll summarize them or add my commentary on the substance of the stories.

I know from my other carnival blog, the Carnival Of Tribute for obituaries, that I'm notoriously bad about providing updates, so I'm not going to promise a daily or weekly roundup, or commit to any other deadlines. I'll just post carnivals as I find the time and motivation.

To get your first fix, one that combines recent blog stories with some from the past several months, visit that portal at Beltway Blogroll I mentioned earlier.


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